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Constructing Commercial Tenant Improvements in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay Tenant Improvements

A Proven Track Record of Tenant Improvement Projects

Avery Construction has a history of managing tenant improvements across the greater Tampa Bay area. This includes occupied buildings as well as new structures. We are the best in town when it comes to working in a professional manner within finished spaces involving tenants and other operations. Avery Construction is here to help you transition through the challenges of your tenant improvements. Lean on us for assistance as you dial in the perfect commercial space renovation…you will not be disappointed with the pros at Avery Construction.

Tenant Work Letters

Tenant improvement work performed on the interior of a space can be paid for by the landlord, the tenant or both. The terms of the lease often play an important role in determining which party is responsible for the improvements. In many instances, more than the single party is involved.

The tenant work letter is vitally important to every Tampa Bay tenant improvement project. This is a detailed explanation of what the landlord and tenant provide toward enhancing the premises. It also explains the elements attributed to each party in terms of aggregate tenant improvement costs. The tenant work letter comprehensively addresses the matter of demolition of current improvements and utilities.

Tenant Improvement Logistics

Construction in a space where a tenant resides involves a number of different factors. Many of these situations have a number of tenants accessing common spaces that must be kept clean at all times. Staging spaces might be limited. Access control, dust, noise and other issues must be accounted for. In some instances, tenant spaces must be accessed in order to perform work on communication, mechanical and fire protection systems. Tenant improvement work mandates crystal clear communications along with carefully planned operations to ensure the safety and privacy of those within the building.

The Responsibilities of the Tenant(s)

The tenant usually manages the constructing of the improvements to the site following the landlord’s delivery of the space in the previously agreed-upon condition. However, the contractor working for the tenant is still directed by the landlord and must adhere to building rules. The landlord gives a tenant improvement allowance that is used to cover some of the cost of the improvements. The tenant pays the remainder. This often necessitates a separate accounting ledger to ensure each participant knows exactly what he is scheduled to pay for.

The tenant build work letter empowers the tenant to maintain tight control over the construction’s quality, costs, and timing. It is possible that this will come at an unacceptable price if the tenant and landlord can’t act quickly enough to satisfy the tenant’s unique aims.

Meeting Tenant Specs

Avery Construction strives to meet tenant specifications as closely as possible. Our defined objectives include:

  • Conforming to leaseholder improvements in accordance with specifications
  • Minimizing expenses for leaseholder enhancements
  • Finishing leaseholder improvements by the date required for particular business objectives
  • Conforming to nuanced business requirements
  • Keeping business operation disruptions to a minimum
  • Avoiding additional tenant responsibilities for base building enhancements
Commercial Renovation Control

When viewing commercial tenant improvements through the project management lens, a number of important issues are linked by the common thread of control:

  • Control of the project’s schedule
  • Control of the project’s costs
  • Crystal clear communication regarding the elements of a construction project involving interior design
  • Control of the area around the project site

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